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1971-1975:  BA University of Texas at Austin, Honors English Literature
1979-1981:  JD University of Georgia
1981-1993:  Business Attorney
1993-1996:  Principal International Trading Company
1996-2009:  Professor Santa Ana College
          2007:  Distinguished Faculty Award Santa Ana College

Six Major Federal Grants – 1996-2009. Over $1,000,000 in grants, mostly Business International Education Title VI-B grants. These grants promote international business education and link with local business communities.

President of NASBITE International.Helped to develop an international credential for competency in international trade education, the NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional Credential.  More students at Santa Ana College have taken and passed this exam than have students from any other college.

Global Entrepreneurship and InnovationInvolved in launching a major new program on practical entrepreneurship that focuses on innovation, high growth and big profits.  Developing curricula, developing faculty and pedagogy as well as creating a mentoring and coaching  service for students.